I give you the recipe as I had it, but I had to make some changes including quantities ... for us it's not for 6 but for 2 or 3 ...... I've had So double the proportions, then for the whipped cream I had to go up ...

Chocolate birthday cake by Christophe Michalack

I give you the recipe as I had it , but I had to make some changes especially on the quantities ... for us it is not for 6 but for 2 or 3 ...... I had to double the proportions, then, for the chantilly jai du my whipped cream and melt my chocolate apart because when I followed the recipe, the whipped cream to slice .....


Ingredients (for 1 cake 6 parts)

Chantilly Jivara

100 grs of Jivara chocolate 40% (with milk)

200 grs of liquid cream 35 % mat. greasy mini.

1 tonka bean

Fleur de sel

Gianduja crisp

50 grs of gianduja

3 Breton shortbreads

3 lace pancakes

Sparkling sugar (not put)

Fleur de sel

Orange ganache

150 grs of 62% Manjari chocolate (black)

150 grs of liquid cream

1 orange (not put)

Fleur de sel


Chocolate balls

Milk chocolate and black sticks

100 grs Guanaja chocolate 70% (black)

35 grs pine nuts

20 grs caster sugar


For whipped cream

Put the 200 grams of liquid cream to heat with the tonka bean grated in it. Then pour on the milk chocolate, and mix to homogenize the mixture and dissolve everything properly. Add a pinch of fleur de sel, ridding in a rather deep and large container, to speed up the cooling. Filmer on contact, and reserve cold.

finely chop the 100 grams of dark chocolate, then put them to melt in a saucepan, at least the power of your fire, induction or hob. It must not exceed 31 ° C, otherwise it will have a longer cooling and a less interesting texture. Pour this melted chocolate in the center of a plate covered with parchment paper. Place a second paper on top and press to flatten it on a thin layer. Keep cold.

For orange ganache

Bring the 150 grams of liquid cream to the boil after zesting an orange in it. Pour over the Manjari (or sweet dark chocolate), and mix. Add a pinch of fleur de sel, and cool in the same way as Jivara chantilly.

For crispy

Gently melt the gianduja in the microwave. Crumble lace pancakes and Breton shortbread, add the sparkling sugar and bind with the melted gianduja, and a pinch of fleur de sel. In a circle of 16 cm diameter, agglomerate this dough at the bottom, then put it in the cool.

> For nougatine

In a saucepan, place the pine nuts, sugar, and about 10 grams of water. Let caramelize, as soon as the sugar blondit, coat the pine nuts in the spatula, without stirring, and caramelize them. Rust on a greased or parchment-lined baking sheet. Cool

Remove all items when they are all cold. Beat the chocolate cream Jivara (milk chocolate) with the mixer, to obtain a chocolate whipped cream, then put in pocket with big straight sleeve. Also put the orange ganache in a piping bag, with a straight socket.

Decant the shortbread. With the ganache, Make a "serpentine", starting from the center of the shortbread and turning the pocket, going to the outside of the cake. Poach whipped cream in irregular balls, at your convenience.It comes from Brazil, and we start to find in supermarkets, but not everywhere. On the other hand, certainly in fine or specialized groceries. The gianduja (pronounced in the Italian, "ji ane dou ya "), is composed of 50% praline, and 50% milk chocolate, and in some cases, linked to icing sugar. It is very rare to find even in Italian delicatessen. So here, we will melt 25 grams of milk chocolate, and 25 grams of praline to make a "fake" gianduja.

- Sparkling sugar is bought in small packages at bakeries. Here, one to two bags will suffice.

Salt, used in pastry, is often used and simply moisture regulator (in pasta for example). Here, the fleur de sel really has a taste interest: it is used as a flavor enhancer, so pay attention to the dosage

- The puffed chocolate balls are of a very particular brand, you will find them without problem in supermarkets, in a red bag. Ditto for chocolate sticks, except they are in rectangular packages, and bear the trade name of a board game where you have to remove long and thin wooden rods without moving others

- Knowing how to temper or "layer" chocolate requires years of experience. The technique here to temper it is a welcome shortcut at home, however, do not exceed 31 ° C for this variety of chocolate only. On a white chocolate, for example, if you put it at 31 ° C, it will be too late. There are often tempering curves on professional chocolate packages, and some rare in supermarkets. Favor these if you find them. Tempering a chocolate serves to ensure a very fast cooling, hardening and holding more consistent with the ambient temperatures, the crunchy in mouth, and a shine pleasant to the eye.

- To help cool, Christophe puts his containers cool. This is useful to the extent that you are in a hurry. If you have time at home, it is not necessary to put your containers cold. The ideal is even to make ganache and whipped cream (without mounting it), the day before, in order to have an optimal cooling.

 Chocolate Birthday Cake by Christophe Michalack
Chocolate birthday cake by Christophe Michalack
 Christophe's birthday chocolate cake Michalack
 Chocolate birthday cake from Christophe Michalack
 Chocolate birthday cake from Christophe Michalack
Chocolate Birthday Cake by Christophe Michalack
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